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The Hitter’s Attention Theory is no longer a theory.  Proven through the Inside Edge pitch database in 2004 and again in 2022 through an independent Biola University study of Effective Velocity, there is absolute proof over 6 years and almost 4 million pitches that Hitter’s Attention is very real.


Downright Filthy Book 2 – The Hitter’s Attention Theory is the science behind how hitters try to adapt and react to the pitches they see.  Every pitch changes the landscape of the at bat.  Hitters walk to the plate prepared to hit a certain pitch at a speed, this is called ‘Hitter’s Attention’ or what the hitter expects.  In 2004, we looked at 330,000 pitches in the Inside Edge database through an Effective Velocity lens and you won’t believe what the data showed.   All the timing based stats peaked at exactly the same Effective Velocity MPH or EvMPH.  90 EvMPH was the peak where batting average, homeruns and hard hit balls all peaked.

The other key data point was that hitters performed the highest within a 6 EvMPH bubble of speed.  This groundbreaking discovery led to Pitch Tunnels, Location Adjusted Speed, Movement Mechanics driven by ‘Tilt and Spin Axis’ and most other modern pitch deception metrics.  A decade of testing hitters’ visual and reactionary skills and a 14,000 plus simulated at bat experiment, laid the foundation for the only proven scientific pitch sequencing methodology.

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