Effective Velocity (Ev) has introduced the world of baseball to most every pitching deception concept from ‘Pitch Tunnels’ to ‘Tilt & Spin Axis’ manipulation for enhancing and creating movement in pitches to the only ‘Scientific Pitch Sequencing’ methodology.  The pitcher/hitter confrontation is 100% about timing.  Analytics has no metric for timing and Ev is the science of timing.  As Tom House said, “I have just 5 words to describe Perry Husband, ‘He knows how to pitch’.”  Pitch Design, we wrote the book on it.

Brent Strom, former Houston Astros Pitching Coach and presently Diamondbacks Pitching Coach has called Effective Velocity his “Go To” when it comes to resurrecting pitcher’s careers.  Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole, Dallas Keuchel, Charlie Morton and many more have had major career altering benefits from Brent and Ev.