Effective Velocity Softball Hitting – used by the top offensive collegiate softball team in the history of the sport. Oklahoma Softball is playing a different game than other teams. 100-100 is the mantra of Ev Softball Hitting, it is about being 100% on time with 100% mechanical efficiency. 100-100 is about maximizing all 3 levels of a sound offensive approach. (1) Physical Swing (Max Exit Velocity (eV) in all aspects, especially ‘Game eV’ – 100) – (2) Timing & Pitch Recognition (Identifying the right pitch – 100) – (3) Game Planning and Pitcher Profiling (Having the right game plan every night versus every level pitcher – 100).

Becoming a ‘Black Belt’ in hitting is not an overnight accomplishment, however, there are many ways you can become instantly better. We have averaged over 6 MPH of added eV in hitters the initial session. Not after 6 weeks of workouts, the first session. We added 11 MPH to Rachel Garcia’s swing in 30 minutes, after winning Freshman of the Year at UCLA. She went from 68 MPH to 79 MPH (14% Increase) on the tee and 80 MPH on live pitching in the same day. If your swing movements are inefficient, you are losing eV every swing, especially in games. Softballs are heavier than baseballs and softball bats are lighter than baseball bats. This means that softball hitters must overcome loss of energy with that tremendous force at the moment of impact. This course will help you test, analyze and train to get your swing to 100-100.

JT Gasso – Hitting Coach Oklahoma Softball