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The Top Pitching Coaches & Hitting Coaches & Players in Baseball & Softball

Use Effective Velocity Training & Strategy as a Big Part of Their Process

Oklahoma Softball Coaches

Oklahoma Softball Coaches

OU Softball has changed the game forever.  Like Tiger Woods forcing golfers to get in shape to compete, OU has set the bar so high, the rest of the country has to step up their game to compete.

OU Softball shattered every record offensively and shattered many myths, such as the idea that you can’t hit for power and have a high batting average…..they led the nation in both.  The myth that you have to strike out a lot if you hit more homeruns, they had more HRs than Ks.

Tim Hyers Texas Rangers

Tim Hyers Texas Rangers

Top Offensive Team in MLB

Tim has led the Rangers as hitting coach to the top hitting team in MLB.  “I call Perry Husband the Father of Timing.  We use Ev every day in putting together our game plans.”

      Brent Strom Arizona  Diamondbacks

Brent Strom Arizona Diamondbacks

Pitching Coach

Brent took the Astros from 30th in pitching to 1st in 2 years utilizing Effective Velocity as his “Go To” when designing pitcher’s arsenals.

Carlos Pena

Carlos Pena

Former AL Homerun Champ

Carlos Pena is now a top MLB Network analyst using Ev at the core of his many explosive essays.  “Ev is simply the best imformation I have seen in my entire career.”  Carlos has been explaining the game through the Ev Microscope, where the mysteries of baseball become very clear and makes his perspective unique among all other analysts.

Perry Husband

Featured on MLB Network

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