Effective Velocity is the Science of Timing – The Most Important Element of Baseball & Softball

Measuring & Training ‘Timing’

Ev Pitch Design

We wrote the book on ‘Pitch Design’ – The Ev Ecosystem is about creating your most deceptive ‘Pitch Arsenal’.

Create Your Own Home Lab

Remote Training with objective metrics & video analysis, as well all the key tools.

BaseballCloud Official Effective Velocity Licensed Partner

The Center of Data

We’ve joined forces with the tech leader BaseballCloud to create Effective Velocity Pitch Design Metrics.

SmartMitt Effective Velocity Licensed Partner

Effective Velocity Licensed Ev Partner & ABCA Best of Show applicant.  SmartMitt Pitch Design technology helps create the Effective Velocity Ecosystem.   

Pitchers Hitters

Perry Husband

Featured on MLB Network

Effective Velocity 

Brian Kenny & Carlos Pena talking Ev.

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