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Most pitchers are not using Tunnels efficiently, in fact, many pitchers are using Tunnels in a way that helps hitters.  Learn to maximize your Tunnel Deception with a professional analysis of your pitch arsenal or Effective Velocity Ecosystem. 

   Hitter Perspective

Pitch Identification – The earlier the hitter recognizes your pitches, the easier it is to adjust to them.  LHBs and RHBs stand on opposite sides of the plate and have a completely different perspective on pitches.  What Tunnels perfectly to RHBs, may be very obvious to LHBs.  Almost every pitcher does better versus one side hitter over the other because their pitch arsenal is not tailored to both sides of the plate.  Make sure your Ev Ecosystem is at maximum deception versus LHBs  AND  RHBs.  

Effective Velocity on MLB Network

Effective Velocity has been featured on MLB Network many, many times as the answer to how great pitchers get hit hard one day and then unhittable the next. 

Ev Ecosystem - Pitch Arsenal

Instead of just ‘Sharpening’ one weapon, we’ll show you how to sharpen them all…….and the most ‘Effective’ way to use them.  “It isn’t about Better Stuff, it’s about Using Your Stuff Better.”

LHB & RHB Perspective SmartMitt Technology

Most every pitcher has more success vs RHB or LHB for 2 important reasons.  (1) Their pitches look very different from one side of the plate vs the other.  (2) The Reactionary Speed (EvMPH) of their pitches is different to LHB vs RHB.  A great pitch combo vs LHBs is running into the barrels of RHBs and the pitcher is unaware why.  Effective Velocity was originally designed from how both LHB and RHB viewpoints.  Pitch Deception is in the eye of the beholder.

Measuring Command Location/Speed/Miss Tendencies

25% of pitches hit their target, 50% are near misses and 25% non competitive at the MLB level.  Location Command is just the beginning.  Do you know how and where you will most likely miss?  And more importantly, do you know how to work off of that?  The new SmartMitt measures Command on multiple levels.

Speed Differentials

What does ‘changing speeds’ really mean?  EvMPH is the patented metric for ‘True Reactionary Speed’.  A 95 MPH fastball located (in the blue above) or down/away =  .427 seconds reaction time but (in the red above) up/in =  .383 seconds or just over 10% less time you give a hitter to see, ID and swing at your fastball.  If you locate your fastball down and away, you are giving hitters up 10% more time to recognize and react.  

Ev Introduced How Movement Works

In Downright Filthy Pitching book 3 (2005), we introduced how ‘Tilt & Spin Axis’ affect ball flight and how the arm/wrist angle can be used to create more directed movement.  This allows you to attack key areas of the zone at the right reaction time to avoid accidental hard contact.


Even elite level pitchers can be extremely predictable when their Ev Ecosystem is designed poorly, leading to predictable patterns of speeds and locations.  With the right Ev Ecosystem Design, you can face the same hitter a hundred times and not repeat a sequence.

When pitchers that are ‘Nasty’ learn to pitch, they become ‘Filthy’.

To become a Black Belt in Effective Velocity, you have to (1) Eliminate Predictability (2) Maximize Deception (3) Create Maximum EvMPH Speed Differentials (4) Learn to Sequence Pitches Scientifically.

Carlos Pena and Brian Kenny discussing both the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks using the Effective Velocity Microscope to create advanced game plans that changed the course of the 2023 Postseason leading to the World Series.

Brent Strom, Diamondbacks Pitching Coach, worked with Perry Husband to help develop young starters to get ready for the playoff run and help their bullpen redesign.  Better pitch deception, less predictability, better Ev Pitch Tunnels, bigger pitch speed differentials and ‘in game’ adjustments called Ev Liquid Analytics, which is a Scientific Pitch Sequencing approach that helped them get through the playoffs against the heavily favored Brewers, Dodgers and Phillies, in one of the most hostile arenas in sports.  

Tim Hyers, Texas Rangers Hitting Coach, also worked with Perry to help their hitters create advanced Ev Game Plans.   This greatly helped them overcome big odds to beat the top American League pitchers down their playoff run by identifying the opposing pitchers’ weaknesses.  Pitchers that are not Black Belts in Ev are more predictable, they have lower speed differentials and create poor visual deception that allows hitters the time to adjust.   

The Rangers also utilized a concept, called ‘3 Balls Above’ that Perry developed for Carlos Pena in 2009 to help him overcome the ‘Rise Effect’ that some high spin pitchers create with their fastball.   ‘Rise Effect’ is only one of the Ev Illusions that hitters have to learn to overcome.  Cutters have a similar effect, short armers and others require hitters to train slightly differently to have success.   

Advanced Ev Training

Coaches & Pitchers at Advanced Levels Only…….

Pitch Arsenal Design

Maximize your Pitch Deception, Command, Movement, Speed Differentials and many other key elements that make pitchers truly ‘Filthy’.

Advanced Strategy

Playing low level chess, there is no way to predict a winner because both make ‘random’ moves that range from great/good/bad/awful – but neither player knows the difference.  If you are not using the only PROVEN Scientific Pitch Sequencing STRATEGY…….then you might as well flip a coin to determine what to throw next.

Learn to be 3 moves ahead of the hitters still playing low level chess or even those playing checkers.

Pitch Sequencing Science

The analytics community has largely agrees that ‘Pitch Sequencing’ is more ‘Art than Science’, which could not be further from the truth.  Every aspect of pitch sequencing is measurable, which means it can be improved. 

If you are not using Ev at the core of your pitch sequencing, you are simply randomly making chess moves, some good, some bad and some awful.  The only problem is that you are doomed to repeat the awful moves because there is no way to tell the difference with present thinking from analytics.  


Brent Strom took the Astros from ‘Worst to First’ in virtually every pitching stat, producing Cy Young winners and World Series Championships.  Now he is doing it all over again with the Arizona Diamondbacks using Effective Velocity as his main “Go To” when it comes to pitch design.  We did Ev Makeovers on virtually all the Astros’ pitching staff and many of the new club’s.  

When asked in a Zoom meeting where you find out about Pitch Tunnels and Deception, “You start at Perry Husband’s website.”  

“When thinking about setting up and attacking hitters, EV has allowed me so many opportunities to be a successful pitcher. Effective Velocity puts my mind at ease knowing that it allows me to have confidence in my pitches based off of reading hitters’ attention, using tunnels, and the science behind timing and Effective Velocity. Since utilizing Effective Velocity, I cannot imagine attacking hitters in any other way.” 

Paige Parker, Pitcher USSSA Pride

Ev Pitch Tunnels MLB Now Tunnel Vision Carlos Pena

Pitch Tunnels, featured on MLB Now with Carlos Pena and first introduced through Effective Velocity books, were designed to create the latest pitch identification point possible.  Delaying identification makes hitters struggle to adjust to speed differentials. 

Ev Tunnels also create an illusion of a middle  fastball, while actually moving to the fastest area of the zone.  Off speed ‘appears’ to be a fastball middle but moves to a slower place in the zone.  Every tunnel pitch is a lie because the tunnel is a lie.  The tunnel allows pitchers to attack all parts of the strike zone and also the ‘Pressure Zone’, the area outside the zone where production is cut by over 50%.  

“We use Effective Velocity every day in our game planning.  I call Perry The Father of Timing.”

Tim Hyers

“One of the best things I have done as a coach was read “Downright Filthy Pitching”. Effective Velocity has challenged me and changed my way of thinking as a pitching coach. It has given our staff the ability to create tunnels, distort a hitter’s timing and minimize at-risk pitches. Through Perry Husband’s research we have the ability to increase and decrease a hitter’s reaction time by simply using the entire strike zone. EV has given our staff confidence to execute our game plans all season and win our third national championship. Thank you Perry for your guidance and support. #EvMindset”

Missy Lombardi

University of Oregon Head Coach

New Biola University Study of Effective Velocity

In 2004, an Ev Study showed that all timing based stats peaked at one reactionary speed, 90 EvMPH.  Also that hitters performed best within a 6 EvMPH speed bubble.  This new ‘Independent’ study also showed all stats peaking at one speed (92.5 EvMPH due to increased speed velocities) and that hitters still perform best within 6 EvMPH.  This ‘Speed Bubble’ that hitters perform best in, is very predictable and Ev Black Belt pitchers can use that against hitters.

The Best Offense In the History of the Sport

Oklahoma Softball 

Just Changed Both Baseball & Softball Forever…………

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