Level 1 Baseball Hitting Membership

$39.00 / month for 12 months and a $39.00 sign-up fee

Time Training Level 1 Baseball Hitting Membership includes access to Level 1 Training Course, Hitting Is A Guess Course, Exit Velocity and Launch Angle Mini Courses, Drill Library and new drill videos added regularly.


Time Training Level 1 Baseball Hitting Membership

Maximize your Exit Velocity, learn what your ideal Launch Angle is and learn the secret to consistent ‘Hard Contact’.  We’ve all stood in the batters box with no confidence because we have no idea what’s wrong in the swing that’s causing the swings and misses, pop ups or weak topped groundballs.  The ultimate confidence comes from knowledge.  When you learn to self diagnose swing problems quickly, you know what the source of the problem is.  We added 10 MPH to Jay Bell’s swing, a 17 year MLB player and 2 time All Star shortstop, in one session.  Carlos Pena led the American League in HRs working with Perry on his swing as well as his approach and……….he missed a month of the season.  Tim Hyers, Texas Rangers hitting coach calls Perry, “The Father of Timing” and “we use Ev hitting concepts in our game planning every day.”  This is from one of the top hitting teams in the MLB in 2023.  It all starts with building your foundation, a solid swing.

Time Training Level 1 Membership includes The Hitting Is A Guess Video Course, Exit Velocity Mini Course, Launch Angle Course, Time Training Level 1 Hitting Course and the Level 1 Drill Library.  You will have access for 1 year as well as new video content added regularly.  The new videos could be a new drill, hitting tip or various video messages.  The goal of this membership is to empower you to begin the process of becoming your own best instructor.  You will take charge of your own swing design, after all, this is your swing.  You should be the one designing your swing.  We’ll give you the information needed to find any inefficient swing movements and improve them.  So let’s get started……….


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