3 Day Exit Velocity Mini Course


The 3 Day Exit Velocity Course will arm you with the tools to test and self analyze your swing to diagnose swing issues costing you Exit Velocity (eV).  They you will learn the drills that will create the most important swing movements to increase eV.

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The 3 Day Exit Velocity Mini Course will walk you through the step by step process of adding Exit Velocity (eV) immediately.  Over the decades, we have averaged about 6.5 MPH of increased eV……..not over 6 weeks but immediately.  Poor mechanical movement patterns are the primary cause of lost eV and as soon as those movements are improved, the eV goes up.

There are 3 ways hitters can increase eV – (1) Get Stronger  (2) Increase one or all of these 3 speeds, Bat Speed, Body Speed or Lateral Speed and Rotational Speed (3) Decrease the amount of energy lost at impact.  Number 3 is the most overlooked element that is costing you eV, especially in games.  Is your tee eV the same or higher than your game eV?  If so, you are losing energy at impact.  Time to take charge of your swing.


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